This page is about my braintumor !

I'm Dennis Schmidt, email:

a little bit more than 30 years old

and searching for exchange of experience with people who fight against cancer, too.

I suffer under a Brain-Tumor (Astrocytoma III), two Operations have been already made (1995 and 1996), ray-treatment and chemic-therapie have been made after the second operation. 

The picture shows me at Helgoland (2006), my german Formentera, which is my favorite island.

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Because I don't think that the hospital gives me the help, that I need, I have done some medical treatments off my own bat or respectively informed about: 

- Vitamin E + ACE-Preparation 
- Oxygen-more-step-therapy 
- Thymus-Injektions 
- Mistletoe-Infusions 
- Shiitake-Powder 
- H15 (Incense-extract) 
- Wobe-Mugos-Enzyme-Preparation 
- Homeopathy 

In the planning stage was once Recancostat, but my insurance did not support me, so I had to give it up. Instead I was a the "Krankenhaus für Naturheilweisen" in Munich. Among a homeopathic treatment I was given many further positive Ideas. 
A further possibility of treatment for me is to undergo hyperthermic treatment. As I do not want to "wake up my cancer" as long as it sleeps, I will wait for the case of a recidiv, which I hope that never comes. 
Last summer I was in Damp for cure - I can really recommend it to everyone to relax from the strain of  illness.

Psychological I try to assist me with autogenic training and progressive musclerelaxation. Besides I am working with the well known book "Getting well again" by Simonton. Also I can recommend the book "Peace, Love & Healing" by Bernie Siegel as well as "Grace and Grit" by Ken Wilber. 
Even if many people don't believe it - I am convinced that people fighting against their cancer have better chances surviving. Many doctors advocate this. 

Since a certain time I'm drinking green Tea for it has EGCG against cancer. (Hint: Reflex and mix it with apple juice 1:1). Besides I try to live on less meat, sugar and sweets. I'm eating more fruits and vegetables. 

Additional I do a lot of sport as for example riding bike, Inlining, and swimming. Since I was in Munich at hospital, I go jogging. A colleague there made me to do it. In my view it is not only the treatment of the hospital, that was good for me - often it's the new people you meet. Sometimes they give you interesting aspects to think about - and then you can acquire something good to your live. 

Some time ago, my fiancé left me because of my illness. Now one could say "what a poor boy, allready the cancer, and than this...", but I have an interesting story for this which builds me up...

Divided sorrows are half as much sorrows, so mail me.  Or: every Day a good act -> I am always very grateful for informations in war against the cancer !

Natural, this page will be adjusted when changes occur. Since I live in Germany, the German-Page may be more actual than the English-Page. Last little update was made at 23th of October 2006.